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Sample floorplan - 08/16/19 | As I'm waiting to purchase my van after the summer, I've been playing around with potential floorplans. I'm thinking I'll have a standard size van. Ford or Chevy. Based on my research so far, a long bench type bed along one side of the van is my current direction. Something like I have pictured below.

Most of my designs so far are variants of something like this. The other popular option for a bed is to go across the back if you are short enough. (I am). The image that I created above is from a website I found called Sportsmobiledyo.com. Once I start placing things in an actual van, there may be changes to this design, but this is probably where I'm starting.

Site launch - 08/15/19 | OK. So, here's the plan. I want to buy a used panel van and turn it into a camper. I am leaning towards a standard white panel van for a few reasons. They can be cheap. If it was a fleet vehicle, it probably got reasonable maintenance. If you need to stealth park/camp, it seems to blend in real nice. And there seems to be a reasonable supply of them in my local area. Something like this E150.

I've always fancied myself a Ford guy, but when I think about the cars I've owned, there were probably as many Chevy's in my garage over the years. Generic, white, panel van will be the base for my phase 1 build. I saw a great deal on a canary yellow one though....