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I have gone back and forth on the blogging thing, never really for an audience, but more as an exercise for myself. The current iteration is about my 1995 Harley and my adventures on it. Prior to this, it was about my build out of a Dodge Caravan for a weekender. The van was cool and it did it's job, but then the check engine light went on and I was getting hassles from my complex for having a third vehice so I let it go. I imagine there will be another van in my future.

So, what's in a name? I'm looking to have less stuff. In 2014 I moved from the east coast to Arizona and other than a pair of Sportsters, took only what would fit in my car. I'm looking to get back a place where I have few possessions and also to see a whole lot more of the USA. Plus, the domain gets some extra traffic since people (myself included) can't spell and might come here looking for wireless information.

If you want more information please contact me via my contact link.