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This site documents my attempt to build and then live in a stealth camper. I am starting with a [van TBD]. My first goal is to build out my van and use it for weekend excursions and short trips. My long term goal is to make a van my home. My current plan is to use the weekender to learn lessons, see what I need to change, and then build out my final van in the 2025 time frame. All of this is subject to change, but that's the plan as of this last update.

So, what's in a name? I'm looking to have less stuff. In 2014 I moved from the east coast to Arizona and other than a pair of Sportsters, took only what would fit in my car. I'm looking to get back a place where I have few possessions and also to see a whole lot more of the USA. Plus, the domain gets some extra traffic since people (myself included) can't spell and might come here looking for wireless information.